Group picture of the third FLOURplus technical meeting held in Dunkerque on November 5th, 2015

What can craft bakers, plant bakers and flour millers expect from this European research? The main project objective and vision behind FLOURplus is to exploit the full baking potential of every kilogram of flour in the baking process.

The bakery production process can be fully adapted to the varying natural flour properties in real time and in a simple way. This leads to an improved, more constant bread quality. This will further enhance consumer satisfaction while at the same time help reducing food losses.

In order to realise this vision, the project team works on:

  • Evaluating existing flour analysis methods from a baker’s point of view and further developing emerging ones.
  • Exploring possibilities of adaption of fermentation conditions based on flour properties.
  • Developing an improved understanding of bread sensory perception and its practical implications for the bakers.
  • Analysing the relationship between the flour properties, fermentation conditions, bread properties and consumer perception with advanced data mining tools.
  • Implementing easy-to-use correlation models that will allow bakers to react to natural quality variations of flour.
  • The experimental work will focus on white bread as a product consumed throughout Europe.


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